Dyane Donck Company - photography by Salih Kilic
Dyane Donck Company - photography by Salih Kilic
Experience the exhibition 'Through Bone and Marrow' by curator Maarten Spruyt through the ears of Dyane Donck Company. Let yourself be carried away by a live ritual with song and music, and prepare for a special journey through a performers through an exhibition that sharpens all your senses.

Through Bone and Marrow: Live Experience is a unique collaboration between BRUTUS and O. festival for Opera. Music. Theater. The synergy between the two institutions creates new ways of experiencing visual arts and music theatre. Maarten Spruyt and Dyane Donck Company are commissioned by BRUTUS and O. to design a special edition of the exhibition Through Bone and Marrow and take the public on an adventure.

Through Bone and Marrow is curated by Maarten Spruyt. His exhibitions are associative stories in which atmosphere plays the leading role. Spruyt has been doing commissions for Van Gogh Museum and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen since the 1990s. He recently made Chapter 3Hree in Het Hem and Meesterlijk Zwart in Kunstmuseum Den Haag.

Music is always the starting point of the various projects of Dyane Donck Company (DDC). Under the direction of artist Dyane Donck, she combines all kinds of musical influences such as pop, classical, opera and soundscapes and allows electronics and technology to play a major role in her works. For the exhibition Through Bone And Marrow, DDC was inspired by the environment of BRUTUS and the pieces selected by Maarten Spruyt. This resulted on the one hand in soundscapes that are part of the exhibition, and on the other hand in a ritual performance that can be experienced during the O. Festival for Opera. Music. Theater. in BRUTUS.

Performance dates and times:
Thu. 18 May 14:30 | 16:30 | 19:00
Fri. 19 May 14:30 | 16:30 | 19:00
Sun. 21 May 12:30 | 14:30 | 16:30
Fri. 26 May 14:30 | 16:30 | 19:00

Made possible by: Gemeente Rotterdam, Rabobank the cooperative bank, Mondriaan Fonds, Volkskracht, Zabawas, Stichting Collectie van Wijgaarden-Boot, Elise Mathilde, Fleur Groenendijk Foundation and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds/Breeman Talle Fonds

Special thanks to: European Metal Recycling, PRO Alloy, Voedseltuin, Stadsbeheer Gemeente Rotterdam, GRIMM Gallery and Museum Jan Cunen.