In February, The New Current will be part of the Rotterdam Art week for the fifth time! With a focus on new techniques and forms of presentation such as installations, performance, audiovisual art and crossovers, The New Current shows the latest developments in the art world in an interactive way. Complex works of art are translated into a unique experience in which recently graduated visual and performance artists, art lovers and the curious come together.

For this jubilee edition, 25 promising artists present their work in BRUTUS. It is not just a place for presentation, but a place where artists really get the time, space and freedom to experiment. The raw location houses large and small industrial exhibition spaces that are ideal for showing video art, light installations and performances.

The artists are:
Catherine van Bijnen, Camila Chebez, Ana Laura Richter, Zhao Zhou
Mitzi Schreuder, Jamal Ageli, Quintus Glerum, Bent van den Berg, Ruben Kotkamp, Nika Schmitt, Sandipan Nath, Clara Schweers, Thomas Meijerman, Mateja Drev & A. Crespo Barba, Jef Nollet, Ellen Wittkampf, Teresa Fernandez Pello, Amrith de Zoete, Muxingye Chen, Hedwich Rooks, Cem Berendsen, Brogen Berwick, Leny Maris and Robbie Doorman.

At The New Current the public can enjoy visual art, music, dance, spoken word and more! During the Rotterdam Art Week, several other art presentations are shown at BRUTUS, so there is plenty to see.

Entrance: €5 Including welcome drink | opening on February 7, admission is free
Opening during Rotterdam Art Week:
Tuesday 7 Feb between 19:00 and 22:00
Wed 8 Feb t/m Sa 11 Feb between 12:00 and 21:00
Sunday 12 Feb between 12:00 and 18:00
Entrance: Keileweg 10[/i]