Running In Circles was an exhibition created by Jeroen Jongeleen that was highly acclaimed. Jeroen won the second edition of the BRUTUS award, an award presented annually by Joep van Lieshout for the best artist in Rotterdam.
With Running In Circles, Jeroen Jongeleen exhibits videos that show temporary traces achieved by running aimlessly in fixed circles. The circles are usually located on abandoned sites, but also sometimes in the city. The circles are in the following locations: on a highway in the Netherlands, on a beach in Taiwan, on fields in Goerree Overflakkee and Diepenveen, on the Waalhaven in Rotterdam, on the Maasvlakte, on a grass field near the Kröller-Müller museum and on the roof of Jeroen’s studio. The circle in the grass was created by running in the grass for no less than eight hours. This involved leaving a thorough print on the canvas of grass with his feet as auxiliary tools.
From above, this exhausting and monotonous process of creation of these artworks is filmed by drone each time.