Welcome to the most magical open air film festival in Rotterdam. From August 17 until August 28 the festival celebrates cinematic talent from around the world, presenting films at night at a playful location. Roffa Mon Amour thrills and moves you with a selection of colourful, daring films from new and known filmmakers, live Cinema Concerts, introductions, and Q&As. From the playful concrete art garden that is BRUTUS, you travel from Cambodia to Mexico back again from Rwanda to Rotterdam.

Check out the full program here: roffamonamour.com. Tickets: €11 / with Cineville & Rotterdampas €5,50 / with CJP €8,25

LEONOR WILL NEVER DIE - A filmmaker in coma becomes the main character in her latest unfinished screenplay in her dreams

SONNE - Three teenage girls become internet sensations

NOCHE DE FUEGO - The danger for a girl living in a rural village in between the poppy fields in Mexico

NEPTUNE FROST - A dreamlike cyberpunk musical where a collective of hackers in Burundi hack the internet to destroy systems of power.

MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY - Two Black Americans wake up hungover in a stranger’s bed. They spend the day together, wandering around San Francisco and briefly falling in love.

4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS - You will never let your best friend down, especially when it comes to an illegal abortion in 80s Romania.

WHITE BUILDING - Samnang is living two lives with one crumbling down and the other living out his dream of winning next Cambodia’s Got Talent winners.

UKRAINE SPECIAL: THE EARTH IS BLUE AS AN ORANGE - [i]In Donbass, a region of Ukraine torn by war, Hanna’s family frame their own universe through the camera lens.

CINEMA CONCERT - The vibrant Cinema Concerts are coming back. Operator invites two live electronic acts, Kessler & Caline with C, to create a new live score for short films selected by Go Short.

CENSOR - Enid watches a horror film that makes Enid’s childhood traumas emerge. After the movie her only goal is to find out the truth.

In her sleepy home village of Åmål, a popular Swedish teenage girl, Elin (Dahlström), befriends Agnes (Liljeberg), a shy girl who has just moved to Åmål and is secretly struggling with her homosexuality.

MUR MURS (1981)
In the late 70s Agnès Varda, queen of the French Nouvelle Vague, was amazed by the murals in Los Angeles where she resided. Instead of socializing with upper class Hollywood, she was determined to uncover the amazing people behind the murals, who were mostly anonymous. She left a document to immortalize the works and the people.