Still from Christoph Girardet
Still from Christoph Girardet's found footage film 'Fountain' 2021
This Petrosalon, taking place at Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, already the second of its kind, is dedicated to the concept of Petromelancholia as a method and heuristic for understanding our current late petromodern condition and how to get beyond that.
The salon will be hosted by Alexander Klose and Benjamin Steininger, cultural theorists and founding members of the curatorial research collective Beauty of Oil. It takes place in the context of the exhibition Petromelancholia at Brutus Rotterdam, curated by Alexander Klose, which is on show until 19 November.
Guests include artists Tanja Engelberts and Rumiko Hagiwara (both artists whose works are part of the Petromelancholia exhibition) and Derk Loorbach (DRIFT, Erasmus University Rotterdam). After a roundtable conversation, there will be an opportunity for exchange in smaller groups in an informal atmosphere with drinks and snacks. The evening will be moderated by Fred Balvert, director of the Science Gallery Rotterdam.

Oct 25th, from 19:00 to 22:00 h

Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Westersingel 9
3014 GM Rotterdam

RSVP by email via before Friday, Oct 20th