Ososonic's New Ambient Tour is a sound improvisation between modular and organic synthesizers on the one hand and the ambient sounds in which the performance takes place on the other.
On Saturday October 7th Ososonic will play in Brutus. In addition to being a modular artist, Ososonic is also an initiator of sawmodular.nl and regularly records live performances for this purpose.

Saturday October 7th, from 15:00 - 18:00

OSOSONIC (Martin Roedolf) is a Rotterdam based modular artist and initiator of SAW. Inspired in the 80s by the music of Kraftwerk, Gino Soccio and Giorgio Morode, he played as an DJ underground, Italo Disco, Acid and New beat. From the late 90s he organized various underground parties in Rotterdam.

In 2017 During his tour in China, he came in touch with the underground scene of Shanghai that made live techno using synthesizers. It was there that he first became interested in analog synthesisers. Later in 2019 he discover the beauty of Modular synthesizers and immediately fell in love. His first public performance with modular synths was in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. Where he started a project together with Barkode and the TU Delft. Other places where he performed include Weelde, Keile Cafe, Mono, Berlin Modular Socity, Unknown Electronics, Museumnacht Rotterdam and did a guarilla act with Melanist during Modular Day in Barcelona.

​Under the name NEW ACID he combines Experimental Soundscapes, Field Recording and Minimal Techno in an inspiring way.