The Levenslust Academy is a social-artistic adventure of Pluspunt and Brutus, started in September 2023. Together with professional artists, the Pluspunters develop creative and expressive skills over a period of six months. The first results can be seen at Brutus from February 11 to February 25. Levenslust is an inclusive cultural participation program that functions as a driver, testing ground and precursor of a future inclusive education and culture center. This project involves close collaboration between Rotterdam residents in a vulnerable position and artists, architects and designers on the other.

"Everyone is an artist", said Joseph Beuys in 1967. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the fact is that anyone with feeling in their body can be involved in art. And perhaps it should be. Because with art you can add something to that world that not only helps your fellow man but also makes you feel better about yourself. You can express what is inside you more clearly and better understand what the outside world means. It would be a shame if we left that entirely to the art professionals.

That is why Pluspunt and Brutus are joining forces in Rotterdam to inject the entire society with art. For six months, the participants of Pluspunt, a center for cultural participation, have produced work together with professional artists that will be shown at Brutus from February 11.
The first group comes from Pluspunt, the second from Brutus. In devising and creating works of art together, an exchange of professional and personal knowledge and experience arises. This helps Pluspunt participants develop 'survival expertise' and enriches the practice of artistic professionals with new perspectives and views.

Brutus artists:
Erica Baltimore, Charlotte Schleiffert, Jeroen Jongeleen, Joep van Lieshout, Daan den Houter.

Pluspunt artists:
Ziggy Aerdenhout, Theo Bieshaar, Daisy Koopmanschap, Dirk Kievits, Ron Duimel, Mal Maller, Jolanda van den Bosse, Wink van Kempen, Ivon Bedau, Guus van Vugt, Chantal, Peter Bal, Robin Zimmerman, Remy Jogi, Andy Winters, Cor op het Hof, Dennis, Syndo, Shanti, Lau, Judith, Alwin Cox, Anja de Haan, Farid Jedid, Jennifer Keeldar, Marto, Meo Bhola, Johan Muntslag, Nelom, Skillfullmatic, Peter Bal, Rutger Blokland.

About Pluspunt
Pluspunt is a care, learning and work collective for Rotterdam residents who need a helping hand - and for Rotterdam residents who want to contribute to this.

Opening program Sunday February 11
2 p.m. reception with a snack and a drink
2.30 pm welcome word from Brutus director Sanne ten Brink and Levenslust founder Aad van der Kooij
2.45 - 5.00 pm exhibition Lust for Life Academy | part I

Location: Keileweg 10

Visiting times
The exhibition can be visited free of charge by the public from 15 to 25 February 2024 on Thursday to Sunday between 12:00 and 18:00.