On Saturday, May 20, on the same day Kaapse Brouwers was founded in 2014, Kaapse Brouwers will descend into the 'front yard (BRUTUS garden)' of their brewery for the Kaapse Anniversary Beer Festival.

Internationaal Craft Beer Festival
It will be like what you were used to, before the pandemic years: one centralized craft beer festival with many guest breweries from all over the world, music, (art) performances, food, tours through the brewery, and tastings in a speakeasy setting: basically ,everything you want on such a day. We are making up for the lost years of not being able to organize their anniversary festival: this festival will be our 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th edition of their birthday party all in one.

When it’s your birthday, invite your friends
As Kaapse Brouwers, they will of course treat you to a wide and special selection of the best craft beers they can find, just like the ones you can find at or taproom Kaapse Kaap. Their gastropub Kaapse Maria will take care of the inner self with delicious bar bites and special dishes, as well as delighting the wine lover with a nice selection of natural wines. Our youngest member of the family, Kaapse Will'ns, completes the day by putting together the music program and surprising you with great jenevers and traditionally made schnapps.

But who else is coming? Kaapse already gives a hint of breweries, but they will announce the full lineup in the near future through our own channels. Secretly, of course, they are only too proud to have the following company of brewery friends on their birthday: La Pirata Brewing (Spain), Cantina Errante (Italy), Laugar (Spain), Brussels Beer Project (Belgium), DOK Brewing Company (Belgium), L'Ermitage Nanobrasserie Brussels (Belgium), Buddelship (Germany), The Kernel (England), Austmann (Norway), Sleeping Village (Norway) and Jopen (Netherlands). In short, a craft beer walhalla for the enthusiast!