FAKE ME HARD was a large-scale exhibition on how to survive in the
post-truth society. The event took place indoors and outdoors in the
thriving cultural hub of the Rotterdam harbour, in a total of 8000m2. BRUTUS
offered the audience a COVID19-proof experience with beautiful works of
art that provides insight into the complex reality of the 21st century.
Digital platforms like the 3D hub of BRUTUS offer space for hybrid
performances & talks.

The polarized, post-truth society affects us on a deep and existential
level. It is not so much about 'us' versus 'them' in the sense of who holds
the truth. A deeper concern is the realization that algorithmic logic slowly but surely undermines our way of making meaning. It is also not about taking a stand against technology, but instead showing
how moving with and talking back to Artificial Intelligence might help. In
addition to investing in making people 'robot-proof', we must help
algorithms and AI to become 'human aware'. Human feedback can
teach AI to speak the right language. The exhibition offered a fun and
playful context for a broad audience to play with and question
technology and offered tools for young & old to learn 21st-century skills.

In BRUTUS, we saw among other things dystopian war scenes, which produced a shocking image for which the raw fragmented spaces that provided a perfect theater. Nurses, prostitutes, and doctors with gas masks try to save dead soldiers from their doom. A soldier holds a screaming baby, found by shoveling among all the rubble.

Alien and futuristic scenes from videos played in the Barbaar, with a frightening yet captivating character. Within other areas of BRUTUS there were cosmic videos, videos on newly discovered planets with futuristic and hyper-modern societies, robots fighting behind a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir deceased predecessors. Many more apocalyptic spectacles were on view at the exhibition FAKE ME HARD.