Art history is filled with dying warriors, from the felled fighter on the battlefields of Ancient Greece to Henry Moore's Warrior with Shield breathing his last breath. They sacrificed themselves for the people, fatherland or ideology. These heroes know that fighting might end in dying, sometimes even by their own sword to uphold the honour. The Fallen Warrior series of Atelier Van Lieshout is part of this tradition.

The exhibition ‘Elysian Field’ represents this series as a serene ensemble of sculptures that represent archetypes or beings, such as: saints and sinners, heroes and villains, fallen warriors and figures frozen in their own frames. The ribs of the framework within which the different figures are placed represent reason, order, rationalism and the guiding role of societal standards and conventions. However, these sculptures don’t have a top or bottom, there is no "right way” that is up. They can be placed and read in various ways, representing individuals who won’t stop going even when their worldview flips.

Initiated by: Brutus Base