Neck of Woods will occupy the Brutus spaces with the ruthless performance Crash Course for the Ravers.

Cars are strictly and necessarily connected to oil and its history. They reflect our desire for progress, speed, technology and power. They are expressions of freedom.
The public will have the opportunity to participate in an act of destruction and liberation. It is encouraged by the artist to smash a car, to perform something that is normally not allowed as a symbolic act of freedom. Art is an act of freedom.

You can choose your weapon from an axe, a big axe, a sledgehammer, a baseball bat or a huge hammer. The prices are as follows: €50 for the front or rear window, €30 for the other windows, €15 for the lights, €10 for the rearview mirror and €5 for any other place (three hits).

The artist will capture the wreck in a print, using paint and oil on a linen cloth.
At 17:30 h there’s the opportunity to join an artist talk with curator Alexander Klose and Johannes Steendam, where they will discuss the artistic process and the conceptual framework of the performance.

October 28th, 12:00 h - 17:00 h
Admission with regular exhibition ticket