The exhibition Boerenzij by Wapke Feenstra sheds light on the fusion of multicultural farm life in the South of Rotterdam. Rotterdam South has been a refuge for migrants from all over the world for more than a century. These migrants have enriched the Boerenzij by combining their traditional way of farming with traditional Dutch farming techniques. BRUTUS award winner Wapke Feenstra visits these seasoned professionals to learn more about the farm life of various cultures. However, De Boerenzij faces an increasingly intense problem: the gentrification of their trusted community. The inhabitants of the Boerenzij are increasingly being driven out by large capital that is settling down in the South of Rotterdam. Will the inhabitants of the Boerenzij find a way to counter gentrification? In the exhibition Boerenzij artist Wapke Feenstra tries to find an answer to this question.