Atelier Van Lieshout presents an installation that builds on the recent works 'EHBO' and 'Sacrifice' from 2021. These works are a confrontation with life itself: the failure, the triumph and the inevitable collateral damage.

Under the title 'Obsessions', Brutus presents new work by L.A. Raeven, an exhibition by emerging talent Alexandra Phillips and an installation by Atelier Van Lieshout. The exhibition can be seen from 11 March to 22 May 2022.

Enter at your own risk
Brutus is a presentation space for contemporary art. The art on display may cause offense, exceed ethical standards and can cause confusion or give an unsafe feeling. The programming is free from ideological, ethical or aesthetic unambiguity and offers absolute freedom to expressions of art – however deviant it may be.
Brutus is currently located in old buildings. The exhibition areas can therefore be dark or wet. So watch out for slippery surfaces and unexpected steps. Brutus accepts no liability for (emotional) damage or injury resulting from the above.