In the installation Tolerance Test, the flamboyant and monumental human-animal creatures by the Rotterdam-based artist Charlotte Schleiffert gather in a circle. Is it a ritual performance, a communal gathering or will it end in a murderous brawl? You will soon find out. The spectators are at the center of the whole show.

Charlotte Schleiffert, an internationally renowned artist, is celebrated for her stunning portraits and the personal and powerful view her work provides on global inequality. For decades, Schleiffert has fantasized about hybrid creatures: people she encounters on the street, virtuosically crossed with celebrities from film, television, or photos from newspapers and magazines. The grotesque characters − painted larger than life on large canvases − are born from collages of times, styles, cultures and genders.

The theatrical exhibition Tolerance Test puts the viewer's tolerance to the test: to what extent can we still face the inequality in our current society?

Free access
Opening hours Thursday - Sunday 12:00 - 18:00
Entrance: Keileweg 18 (via the sculpture garden)
This exhbition has been made possible with the support of Fonds 21, BNG Cultuurfonds, Performing Arts Fund NL, Mondriaan Fund, Erasmusstichting, Elise Mathilde Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds South Holland, Van Leeuwen Van Lignac Stichting, Stichting Van Wijngaarden-Boot and Gemeente Rotterdam.

Concept and curation: Johan Idema
Illustrations: Charlotte Schleiffert
Text: Rick Steggerda
Narration (exhibition): Romana Vrede
Play (performance): Kimberly Agyarko
Direction (performance): Mara van Vlijmen
Voices: Roos Bottinga, Anne-Linde Bruijs, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Derron Lurvink, Marius Mensink, Astrid van Eck
Set design and lighting: Theun Mosk and Marjolijn Brouwer/Ruimtetijd
Set construction: Merijn Versnel/Soultech
Sound design: Bo Koek/Touki Delphine
Production lead: Maaike Spits/Ruimtetijd
Technical production: Martijn van Nunen/Ruimtetijd
Supportive technical production: Jeroen Hoekstra, Douwe Bulten, Bram Anneveldt, Cas Dekker/Ruimtetijd