HipSick operates at the cutting edge of performance and installation art. The process begins with a fascination for western visual culture, normativity, and the night. Contemporary social topics are approached from various perspectives, decontextualized, and abstracted, which results in performances that destabilize the audience’s perception. DIGITAL DUCTTAPE began with the personal fascination of Didi Kreike – who already made an impression last year at The Atelier by Oerol and Over het IJ and with whom HipSick has also worked closely for the previous show #ShapeME.

A digital labyrinth in which the beauty of the constructable identity is celebrated. We embrace the world of the internet, social media, and artificial self-presentation as self-expression. #acceptyourfakeness

“My phone is like a blank page. It is taped to my existence. When I see my reflection on the screen, I forget who I am. I determine who I am. I am a himbo. We need more himbos. Think only of yourself, look good, feel beautiful, be fake and naïve without too much going on in your head. Being a himbo is a meditation. From now on, only me time. Just workouts, building muscle, selling our bodies to the internet. Being a himbo is the future. I’m ready for my close-up. Photograph me sweaty and messy.”

Enter the labyrinth and explore the space between virtuality and physicality. Accept the fluidity of your existence and embrace artificial self-presentation as self-expression. Together, we celebrate the beauty of our constructed identity.

The door open at 20:00 and the show starts at 20:30. Please be aware that this performance has bright flashing lights, loud music, and no seating. Some seating will be arranged for people who really need it.

Based on the idea of: Didi Kreike
Artistic Team: Didi Kreike, Sylvia Weening, Nadîja Roza Broekhart
Performance: Didi Kreike, Lodewijk van Dijk
Choreography: Antonin Comestaz, Arno Verbruggen
Dramaturgy & Scenography: Nadîja Roza Broekhart, Sylvia Weening
Music, Light & Technical Design: Didi Kreike
Poster image: Rik Versteeg
Decor: M met de Zaag
Light Advice: Zalán Szakács
Scenography Advice: Anne Karin ten Bosch
Photography: Studio Rik Versteeg x HipSick
Communication: Ruben Kotkamp
Business Management: Lara ter Braak
Production: HipSick
Special thanks to: Leonie Kalkman, Leo Spreksel